Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Essential Countertop Appliances

Sometimes the best modern appliances are those that evoke a retro style. We at The Modern Kitchen Blog have gone through some of our favorite appliances and have compiled this list of essentials that every kitchen should have. We kept our selection wide and varied--in fact we've chosen a different brand for each category.

The first appliance that we think is vital to every kitchen is a good blender. Our favorite blender is WaringPro's Retro Green blender. Waring Blenders trace their history to creating the first modern electric blender, and this retro green color pays homage to that first blender. As the title implies, the professionals use Waring blenders.

Any good baker should have a KitchenAid Mixer, which is hands down the best out there. These mixers are versatile, and with different attachments you can even make pasta from fresh. Our favorite of the KitchenAid Collection is their mixer from the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's. Just like Martha, the mixer is absolute perfection, especially in its "Martha blue" color.
$299.00 (color discontinued,

Food Processor
Although Cuisinart is known for making a multitude of kitchen appliances and products, they are perhaps best known for (and synonymous with) the food processor. From professional cooks to the home chef would argue that this item is indispensable and quintessential in the kitchen, and the most popular one is definitely the Cuisinart. We like the sleek and classic look of the brushed stainless steel.

Juicing is undoubtedly an economical and time saving way to get your nutrients. The Breville Juice Fountain Plus is the ideal product for juicing, whether you're in the market for a new one or just starting out. Its blade is powerful enough to cut through a pineapple, and its filter spins at 12,000 RPM. Plus, Breville is known for producing a quality juicer.

This toaster is by far our favorite "retro meets modern" product. Bodum has created a great toaster, exclusive to Crate & Barrel stores, which renders toast with the perfect crunch. It's called the Bodum Bistro Toaster, and it is worth every penny. The look is described as perforated brushed chrome, and it features a crumb tray, warming rack and 900 watts of power.
Toaster Oven
There are times when you want to quickly bake something, but don't want to fire up the big oven and the regular toaster just isn't feasible. That's where the toaster oven comes in, creating a happy medium between the two, and we've found the right one: the DeLonghi Convection Oven. It has a LED screen, digital thermostat and best of all can fit a 12" pizza.

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We all probably have one, but who says that our microwave oven has to be unflattering? The sleekest microwave we could find is the Sharp Carousel 1100-watt turntable microwave. What we love about it besides the 14 inch turntable and stainless steel look is that the buttons are hidden from view behind the oven's door. Ingenious!

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